Friday, April 6, 2007

What Is It About Duos?

There is a definite trend in the underground music scene of entire band line ups consisting of two people. Death From Above 1979 is another example of this shift away from the trios and quartets that have traditionally dominated the rock music industry. The awesome thing about this band is that they can claim to be a drum and bass group since that is precisely what they are, without giving way (much) to the dictates of dance music. There is a gritty heavy-handedness to their music that makes you forget there is no guitarist in the mix. Maybe this is why they can get away with playing Sexy Results, their pseudo-dance hit. Hipster stereotypes aside, these guys know how to lay down the shit!

The coolest thing about this LP is that there is an extra track on the album that wasn't included on the CD. It's a live recording but you can't really tell the difference between it and the studio tracks. Included in this post is the second side of the record that contains the bonus track.

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