Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Armed with a Guitar, Drums, & a Bucketload of Cryptic Lyrics

This is quite possibly one of the best records ever recorded. And there is quite possibly no band like Vaz.

Seeing them live is sheer intensity. A simple duet of drums and guitar with a mysterious low-tuned guitar playing in the background. No hint of a special pedal or bass guitar anywhere in sight. They sound so much fuller than they actually appear. They played in a local record store and when their set was finished, the drums and high hat were kicked to the floor and the guitar flew across the room, landing flat on a stack of CDs while the amp was buzzing. None of the employees even cared.

Listening to them in the studio has a similar effect on the psyche. They have been described as "sounding like Nirvana if Nirvana didn't suck."

Check out their website. BUY EVERYTHING!

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