Friday, April 27, 2007

Growing Pains of One Little Indian

The Epileptics were the precursor to Flux of Pink Indians, who were the precursor to Flux.

The original release of this 7-inch was put out on the Stortbeat record label. All was well in the world until the label decided to re-issue the record without paying the band any royalties. In addition to this set of legal problems, another headache was quick to come in the form of a complaint against the band by the British Epilepsy Association, who were asking that the band change their name. The name was changed to EPI-X but then briskly changed to Flux of Pink Indians.

Flux of Pink Indians recorded a 7-inch record under the Crass record label and met with quick popularity in the anarcho-punk scene. They decided to start their own record label- Spiderleg Records- and the first thing they released was a re-pressing of this Epileptics record.

When Flux of Pink Indians started moving in a more industrial direction, they changed their name to Flux and then put out dance music under a new label entitled One Little Indian Records. The label is now known for releasing industrial music by AR Kane and the music of The Sugarcubes and Bjork.

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