Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nation of Millions (Reprise)

Most people have reacted strangely to the team-effort of Public Enemy and Paris on this recent release. Don't allow the response of others to detract from the importance of the lyrical content on this double LP. Although, the album appears to be more of a Paris invention and not the other way around as the album specifies, it is still a powerful album.

The music is refreshingly varied in its approach but the oomph of the lyrics by all parties involved is enough to satisfy the PE purist. In addition, there are contributions by MC Ren, Sister Souljah, Dead Prez, Kam, Paris, and Immortal Technique scattered throughout the entirety of the discs.

There are many references to previous releases, hence the title of the album (Rebirth of a Nation). A reprise of It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back? Or, perhaps, a play on the title of the old movie Birth of a Nation, the famed silent film depicting a racist vision of the reconstruction after the Civil War? Maybe even a darker picture of the current political situation is being painted; perhaps that the US government is involved in recreating a racist polemic that we are all expected to endure....

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Biby Cletus said...

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b3A7n1k said...

Hey, thanks, biby cletus! I was beginning to think that no one was noticing my blog sitting out in cyberspace. Glad to hear that people are actually starting to notice it.

I checked out your blog as well and found it really interesting. I like how the stream flows from music to Akira Kurosawa films to professional wrestling to snake charming to Indian culture. I skimmed it for a good while after receiving your commentary.

I added your blog to my list of links. Thanks again!