Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dub Me Crazy!

The Mad Professor has been an influence in dub music for some 20 years. He has had a hand in recordings with some of the most influential reggae musicians, such as Lee Perry and Pato Banton. However, he has also been involved in recordings with musicians who aren't typecast into that genre at all. Most notable are The Orb, Beastie Boys, Sade, The KLF, Massive Attack, and even Rancid.

Mad Professor started his own recording studio and record label back in 1979; he named it Ariwa, after the Yoruban word for communication. This album is one of the recordings he set up under this record label. Although, not as world-renowned as his 12-volume Dub Me Crazy series with their cartoon covers, the Mad Professor still rules the airwaves with his own brand of dub and trip-hop.

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