Thursday, April 26, 2007

Freedom's Not Too Much to Ask

Released in 1981 on Reality Attack Records, The Black Death EP was popular with both punks and skins. The Sinyx got the idea for their name from an ancient Greek movement of anti-societal rebels who were referred to as 'the cynics.' The most prominent trait of this particular school of thought was the blatant flouting of social niceties and polite behavior.

The Sinyx received notice after sending a 7-song demo cassette recording to Crass Records for inclusion on the Bullshit Detector compilation. One of the songs (Mark Of The Beast) was included on the album. The song is absolutely manic for a British band in 1980. The track can be found at Eet U Smakelijk. (If any of you actually owns the cassette demo recording, please drop a comment!)

The band toured with other anarcho-types such as The Epileptics/Flux of Pink Indians, The Icons, The Eratics, Kronstadt Uprising, Rudimentary Peni, and The Mob. Most of these bands had connections to the Crass record label at one point or another. Information found online about this band is generally statistical, so there's not much more to share about them than that. (Use the Comment link if you know more!)

This record is out of print and very difficult to find. Now you can listen to it!

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