Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't Tell Mom (the house burned down) Fest II

The first year anniversary of Aryawn will be celebrated tomorrow evening at the 2nd annual Don't Tell Mom Fest. The event is being re-located to the Wok House since House of Commons burned down two months ago and is currently being rebuilt. Donations for ICC (Inter-Cooperative Council) will be cheerfully accepted at the event.

Team Robespierre- Dirty sounds for dirty people!
Best Friends Forever- Celebrating 14 years of friendship!
Henry Sugar- Kill Henry Sugar? Never!
Aryawn- Defilers of genre...
Jaakko & Jay- "We are what we are, we are what we say and we say what we want. And just because we dont look like you, or act like you, it doesnt make us any better or worse."
Electric Mountain Rotten Apple Gang- AMERICAN FOLK RIOT!
THAT Damned Band- "The locomotive’s motives are to haul and deliver!"
Why Can't The English Teach Their Children How To Speak?- abcdeghijklmnowhycan'ttheenglishteachtheirchildrenhowtospeak?pqrstuvwxyz....