Saturday, April 7, 2007

Vote for Daffy Duck! Quack! Quack! Quack!

This band has always been mysterious and that must be part of the appeal.

The record was released in 1984 on some really obscure record label called R.I.F. Records that was supposedly based in Austin, TX. It doesn't appear that there were any other releases on this label, nor did Slaughter House 4 ever play a gig in Austin. (Although, if someone knows better, please post a comment!) They also put one of these tracks on the PEACE compilation back in the '80s- a worldwide fundraiser for activist groups of all sorts.

Every hardcore band imaginable was on this compilation and this was when Slaughter House 4 made their appearance on the worldwide hardcore scene. The funny thing about this record is how unlike punk music it is. Their hearts were definitely in the right place, however, and the sentiment expressed on this little slab of wax was quite silly- but not so silly that the political bent of their lyrics wasn't felt.

No matter how ridiculous the record may seem to those who actually listen to it, it's a feast for the ears. Everything about them sounds rather wonky; from the rhythm guitar parts that sound like someone doesn't know what they're doing to the lyrics extolling the evils of voting and promoting the election of Daffy Duck.

If anyone knows ANYTHING about this band, please leave a comment.

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