Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Not So Punk

More suicidal maneuvering is necessary in order to avoid getting typecast into catering to a specific genre of music.

The 1980s were a cultural cesspool for the young adolescent who didn't buy into what mainstream society had to offer. Luckily, this bubbling discontent in the American way of life created a burgeoning musical underground that seemed as if nothing could stop it. Bands and music scenes started in the most unlikely of places and sprouted up quicker than you could say "Heil, Reagan!" Political Pollution was one of many bands that started up in Austin during the mid '80s and although they had next to no profile in the hardcore scene, some of the members were active in even more underground ways- more subversive ways- more inane and silly ways...

Illegal skateboarding, physical scuffles with state troopers, clandestine spray painting operations, sabotaging high school vivisection projects, random acts of vandalism, and rampant questioning of any figure of authority you can shake a stick at... These were all part of the lifestyle adopted by these brash and antagonistic youth in an age when spiky hair and ripped up clothes incited terror, shock, and anger in just about anyone who happened to come across their path.

No more nostalgia! Onward!!


zahki said...

FUCK THE FUTURE! LIVE IN THE PAST! allz i can say is niiiiice. oh and the music is good too. this blogspot action was made for ya kid.

b3A7n1k said...

zahki, yo!

Yeah, blogspot seems like a good niche for us music junkies and being able to post to an external server helps.

Eventually, I'd like to post every single album that I own but time is short enough as it is. I had run into a minor problem with latency on the firewire recordings shortly after upgrading to OS X 10.4.9 but I downloaded a driver from the manufacturer's website and all seems well now.

I'm trying to do some kind of post every day so check out the blog on a regular basis to be sure you don't miss any of the goodies! Thanks for checking it out. Quite a few people have looked at it but they never leave comments or download any of the music. I was beginning to wonder...