Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Segun Adewale was raised listening to his father's guitar-playing and this nurtured a desire within him to become a musician. However, Segun was a member of a royal family in Nigeria and when he expressed this desire to his parents, his father objected to the notion of his son becoming a professional musician.

Segun left his home town and made his way to Lagos; he ended up working with Chief S.L. Atolagbe and his Holy Rainbow and, later, became an apprentice to IK Dairo. Dairo was considered by many to be the father of juju music and he taught Segun about composition and arranging music.

This album was released in 1984 and it was at this time that the term "yo-pop" was being used to describe Segun's mixture of funk, jazz, juju, reggae, and Afro-beat.

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