Sunday, May 20, 2007

Money and Sex Are Running My Life

Nig-Heist were a bunch of weirdoes who were either Black Flag roadies or producers of punk albums or maybe even anonymous people from other punk bands. The concept began with Mugger, Black Flag roadie and patron of the Church practice space. When the hardcore scene began to exhibit signs of being cliched and narrow-minded in its approach to music, Nig-Heist was there to show it for the stupid farce that it was beginning to become. Adorned with wigs and not much else, Mugger and Co. would appear on stage and create pandemonium and banter with the audience.

Although the band was created as a joke, it resulted in the release of an LP and a couple of 7-inches on the Drag City record label. In the early to late '90s, the album was re-issued on CD with a bonus disc of live recordings of the band as compiled by Henry Rollins. To capture the essence of where Nig-Heist was coming from, it's imperative to hear that disc.

The show that Nig-Heist played in Austin with the Meat Puppets, the Offenders, and Black Flag was probably one of the more annoying gigs they put on. But, that was the whole point of the act- to be a nuisance to those who weren't in on the joke.

Here's the out of print CD.

Thanks to Geoff Cordner's website for the awesome photo!

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