Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Asian Kung Fu Generation

Husking Bee hailed from Japan and made their musical debut with the 1996 release of Grip on Pizza Of Death Records. Their first tour on American soil was at South By Southwest in 1999 and resulted in a record deal with Doghouse Records. They found themselves re-pressing their second album Put On Fresh Paint in the US and sold over 100,000 copies! Their sound is reminiscent of Green Day with their angry yet bittersweet vocals and overall production of the recordings. Plus they're just geniunely nice guys who really appreciate their followers and fan base.

The copy of this CD was received by the band as a gift and no longer seems to be in print as it isn't listed on the Pizza Of Death Records website; since Husking Bee's break up in 2005, their website no longer lists it for sale, either, so here it is.

Exciting news on the Pizza Of Death website is that there is a tribute album in the works. CHECK IT OUT!

Liner Notes (Japanese)

Liner Notes (English)

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