Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bringing a Face to the Notoriously Anonymous Electronic Genre

What a great catch phrase that is! This phrase has been used to describe Moby since the early '90s... It is true, however, that Moby has provided a personality to a musical genre that had up to that point been pretty anonymous. (By this point, there weren't too many people excited about Brian Eno anymore.)

This CD was Moby's early foray into the mainstream by creating an official music club on Yahoo. The EP was a prize for entering some kind of contest through the club. It's interesting to see what Yahoo says about Moby now: "scorned by hordes of techno artists and fans for diluting and trivializing the form." This seemed to be an impression of his work after the hit album Play was released.

Although, the album was really brilliant in its use of blues to accompanying techno rhythms and such, his live performances after that success were absolute crap. He had put on so many energetic and crazy live shows in the past; no back up, just him and his keyboard; his body flailing about like a human crucifix that was tossed around the audience; someone commented that the first gig he played in Austin, Rave New World, with The Prodigy was the loudest gig he'd ever heard in his life. After having had those experiences and then to see him accompanied by a full band with a bongo section was a bit of a disappointment. And just when it didn't seem like it could get worse, listening to him shamelessly plug one of the lamest radio stations in Austin took it down another notch... The warm up band, Boom Boom Satellites, a Japanese electronic experiment, was absolutely incredible and made the show worth actually going. If not for that, however...

But enough of all of that, despite the direction his business sense took him in, he still remains a decent composer, musician, and producer. Here's a bit of his work before $atan took over his soul and sold his art down the river.

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