Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dreadlocks in the Moonlight

Released in 1982 by Island Pictures, Countryman is an interesting look into the lifestyle, culture, and music of Rastafarianism. This film is difficult to find and rarely appears on television due to the thick Jamaican dialect that is used throughout its entirety. Being that this is a movie and not an actual documentary, the plot is kind of cheesy but the scenes that depict rural life in Jamaica are indispendible to those who find themselves fascinated by this music and way of life. Most of the actors in the film weren't actors at all but were used because they were native to the environment in which the film was made.

Reggae fans will recognize all the bands that adorn the musical soundtrack. Although, Bob Marley and the Wailers are pretty worn out as a musical reference to reggae, the songs that form a part of this soundtrack aren't the tired, played out crap that are heard on albums such as Legend. This album is a must for anyone who purports to be a reggae listener! If you love reggae, yet the only reggae music you've ever heard is Bob Marley, get a fucking life and start doing some deeper digging into the musical world. This double LP is a good place to start!

The Original Soundtrack From The Film Countryman

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