Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Market Grows for Designer Shopping Bags

The Bags were the first band put together by Alice Armandariz and Pat Morrison after meeting each other while auditioning for Venus And The Razorblades. They got the name for the band by wearing grocery bags over their heads during their performances; however, this was a short-lived fad as Darby Crash kept pulling the bags off of their faces as they played. Their gigs usually turned into small riots, with one altercation occurring between the band and Tom Waits.

This 7-inch EP is a collection of the original single put out by Dangerhouse Records and two tracks from the compilations Yes L.A. and Dangerhouse Volume 2.

For more insanity, refer to the film The Decline Of Western Civilization.

You can also catch up with Alice Bag on her official website.

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