Monday, May 21, 2007

Darkness... Nothing More, Nothing Less

D & V (Drums & Vocals) were simply that. However, under the audio engineering tutelage of Penny RImbaud and backed by the vocals of Eve Libertine and Joy DeVivre, they were a little bit more than what they boasted. Dance drum beats and heady lyrics flowed through the entirety of the LP.

This record was released right around the time of Crass' demise and the record label was moving into a direction where the statements it was making went beyond the normal criticisms of the society that most of us felt boxed in by. They were beginning to offer visions that alluded to a life outside of the perceived box that enclosed the multitudes. D & V's record was a small part of that vision.

Note the Malcolm McClaren sample from Madame Butterfly on the track The Present Situation.

Click here for the liner notes.


Jeff said...

Thanks for posting this. I've looked high and low for this album, and couldn't find it. I appreciate your work! Keep it up!


b3A7n1k said...

Thanks, pal. It appears that you're not the only one!The stuff that I've posted from the Crass Records label has gotten the most hits thus far. It seems to be what most people browsing the music blogs are looking for. I'm trying to keep things varied but the hardcore/punk stuff seems to be taking over. I figured you'd enjoy the Anne Clark record, also. I'll be posting more of her vinyl in the future.