Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just a Little Bit

This 7-inch was released as a part of the Big "D" Jamboree series issued by Dragon Records. The tracks on this EP were recordings that had been shelved due to publishing rights not being obtained in a timely fashion. This occurred despite the fact that Sherry Davis toured with Elvis and recorded with The Crickets.

The Big "D" Jamboree was a weekly three hour radio show broadcast from Dallas' Sportatorium and showcased the likes of Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins. People all over Texas tuned into the broadcast that aired between the years of 1946 and sometime in the mid-1960s. The first year of broadcast, it was being billed as the Lone Star Barn Dance. For .65 cents, you could see musicians of this sort play live at the Sportatorium between 8 PM and midnight.

The song Broken Promises (which appears on this record) is backed by Buddy Holly and The Crickets and was recorded just two months after the single That'll Be The Day was recorded in the very same studio. Holly was crashing in a little apartment in the back of the owner's studio and was approached purely off-the-cuff to back Davis on the recording of one track. You can tell in the backing vocals immediately. Davis had no idea that this was Buddy Holly that was recording with her until after the fact. It took two years to find a publisher for the work but by that time, there was no longer any interest in the song so it just sat in publisher's limbo until very recently.

Davis decided to retire from show business in 1971 after having a daughter. She had been told for the previous four years that she would never be able to have children, so parenthood ended up taking precedence. Sherry Davis lives in Dallas again and is very active in her church. Although, she's not a big fan of rock and roll, she was thrilled to discover that people were interested in her music after all these many years.

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