Friday, June 1, 2007

Roll Your Heart Into a Ball- Bounce It!

At the time of this recording (1985), About Nine Times was a trio. If memory serves correctly, by the time they got around to recording their second album, they had whittled themselves down to a duo (Chris & Wendy Broadstone). Being brother and sister probably made this an easy decision to make. The band was from Dallas and played in small towns throughout Texas but most likely never in Austin.

The sound of About Nine Times is difficult to describe- one third minimalist synth; one third jazz; one third new wave. If you come up with a better description, drop a comment. The lyrics are poetic but, at times, feel forced. This band was really great to see perform live. The drummer, Chris Broadstone, was completely animated and crazy and if you listen closely, you can hear the off-the-cuff jazz chops that he throws in throughout the record. Absolutely brilliant!

The duo would perform in College Station alongside straight-edge punk bands in the late 1980s. There was a small hardcore scene due to the stalwart efforts of a record store manager named Jim Bradford. Not only did he stock more of an alternative selection in the small chain record store he managed but he booked shows in the small town of College Station AND distributed his own record label, No Scene, out of his house. He had a fanzine by the same name, the title of which is pretty obvious how he came up with, having been born out of a small redneck college town that eventually named one of its streets after George Bush the Elder. Jim regularly spins reggae in clubs and radio stations around Austin. Give him a shout if you ever meet him.

In 2005, there was a new recording released entitled Beyond Blue Sky Nothing. It's unclear whether this is old unreleased material or a brand new recording. It can be purchased on Chris' website, along with the other albums. You can even buy the vinyl if you want it!

Chris has gone on to making horror films now. Check out his horror films and the band albums here!

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