Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ouf of Print= Out of Luck

However, this time you're actually IN LUCK!

When Corrosion Of Conformity hit the alternative music scene, they ended up taking the same route that DRI did by signing on with Metal Blade Records and becoming harbingers of the "crossover" mold of metal or hardcore.

Whether this was a good or a bad thing was debatable. True, their presence in both scenes helped put North Carolina on the musical map but, once again, one has to address that if a band is part of a counter-cultural movement, should they aspire to become rock stars? And, if they do, will their ethics stay intact?

Yeah, COC still plays small dives across the US and they don't really fit into the rock star mold as much as one would think. But who cares? Lots of bands do that and they're a helluva lot more interesting than these guys are now. Their last gig in Austin was the absolute worst gig when it came to generating some sense of interest in what they were doing on stage. Lots of people who were in the scene and actually saw them gig in the mid-'80s were there and were pretty disappointed. Not that they were expected to live out some silly nostalgic punk rock trip but when you watch Woody (now calling himself Woodroe) play a guitar solo like he's stroking his dick on stage, how the fuck can you take it seriously? Actually, watching him stroke his dick on stage would have been preferable to watching him pretend to be some glam-rock dipshit.

Yeah, they're metal and everybody in the audience was banging their heads and flashing that silly Hawaiian hand gesture that so many kids do these days. But the show made one long for the days when they couldn't play their fucking guitars and recorded tracks in the garage, hell, the toilet, even...

Here's a bootleg recording of their first record. The original printing of this was kick ass because it came with a lyric sheet and three stickers. Needless to say, this bootleg has none of the perks that the original pressing of the record had at all. Still, the recording is quite difficult to come by and the last time it was for sale on COC's website, it was going for $85 and it was the CD with the Mike Singing EP added to it. Now there are no copies of the CD left, either. Maybe they're embarrassed of their earlier efforts...

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