Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just a Matter of Time

Famed compilation that served as a tribute to the band Crucifix. This is an album of Crucifix covers performed by various hardcore bands. Definitely worth a listen!

Having formed in 1980, Crucifix hailed from Berkeley, California. Their frontman was Sothira Pheng, a Cambodian refugee whose family had fled the brutal reign of the Khmer Rouge shortly after the takeover. Many of the band's lyrics dealt with Sothira's experiences as a child in Cambodia and the disenchantment he felt after arriving in the "land of the free."

Their full-length LP, Dehumanization, was released under the Corpus Christi label, an offshoot of the Crass Records label, which afforded bands more artisitic license with the packaging of the album covers and also provided John Loder, the audio engineer for the labels, more mobility with sound recording projects.

Liner Notes (German)

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