Monday, February 18, 2008

Conniption Fest '08: Land of Toilets

Video clips are contained within the links of this post. Everyone is welcome to partake.

The gig started at 11 pm after an hour of conniving µm to mount the stage. Although, Robo Trumble was scheduled first, only half of the duo was present. µm was an interesting experiment in sound that hinted at some of the sonic experience that was made manifest at the No Idea Festival the same weekend. The hypnotic drone-like quality of the sound µm created was a great way to get the show started and added an element of exploration that has gone the wayside for the simple, formulaic approach that has solidified into what is known as the hardcore format.

Robo Trumble followed with their zany stage antics. The crowd was worked into a frenzy and they were the only band that played an encore once they finished. The floor was quaking under the dancing of the partygoers. Drummer Andy said it was the best gig they'd ever played and they will most likely play the next show that is being lined up (currently dubbed Don't Tell Mom Fest).

The next band to play was Stymie (from Denton). They filled in for The Young when it was determined that one of the members had booked another engagement. Stymie played melodic hardcore that passes for the '80s style more than most bands that attempt to re-create that sound and the covers by Jawbreaker and The Descendents made the crowd go apeshit. At one point, a guy who had fallen in the pit started flailing when someone pulled him out in an attempt to help him and then had to restrain him as he was maniacally screaming, "Why the fuck are you holding me?! Let me go! They're playing The Descendents, you fucking fascists! Give me your badge numbers!"

Naw Dude was next. Singer Doug is the funniest mother fucker to ever don the stage. His banter in between songs is unparamounted. Examples of some of his witty repartee:

"Hey, we're not here to celebrate Ronald Reagan's death; we're here to celebrate his life." (Overheard at the House of Commons' Ron Is Gone celebration in Austin, Texas on 12 June 2004. The event was planned by HoC members a year prior to his death.)
"Vegan??? Man, I'll punch a fuckin' bee in the face!" (When asked about his choice of diet.)
"Let's save the world like good little hippies and all wash our butts with Dr Bronner's." (to which an audience member responded, "Smash the State with Sal's Suds!")

During this set, a fight ensued between female members of The Shitty Beach Boys and anyone who happened to be standing around and watching the gig. After dousings of beer, flung pint glasses, broken spectacles, and black eyes were incurred, the women in question were escorted off of the property but not before more beer was poured, fists were thrown, and shoes gouged into faces of people in the front yard. 'Twas a fun night to be had by all.

The Teeners fucking ripped!!! They played a gig at the Alamo Drafthouse at a film opening and the promoter who booked the performance on behalf of the place started shitting bricks half way through the set. He kept saying, "We can't control them! They're gonna tear the place apart!!" Their 7-inch will be posted soon...

Oddly enough, bands that caught wind of the gig just started showing up or calling while it was going on. Country Willie And The Cosmic Debris was the first to call. They're a "punkabilly" outfit fronted by a real country singer from the middle of the sticks in east Texas who sings songs about zombies and aliens. They were supposed to go on before The Teeners but ended up headlining the gig at 3:30 am much to the consternation of the booking agent.

One of the points of the evening that led to the disgruntled demeanor of this agent was the band who just showed up, plugged in, and started playing without telling a fucking soul. They were called Sex Advice and supposedly they were really brilliant.

Ex-HoC member Max showed up with his band Send Help to play their very first live gig ever. Conniption Fest was appreciative of their presence and a demo will be posted of the band on this blog soon.

Thanks again to all of the bands who participated in making this event a success. It will definitely happen again next year. For inclusion on next year's set list, please leave a comment under this post and you will be notified in December 2008 of the exact date and time of your set.
Cheers to Patrusk for all the photos of the show!


luxzia said...

dearest, I have tagged you. Please see my blog for reference therefore.

b3A7n1k said...


Our mutual friend at the fruit factory I spend most of my days laboring in was asking me today if there were any internet sightings of you...

How goes the language tracking, fraulein?

Some of us are putting together our own SXSW gig at the house; it's being put together by some of the younger members and it's called Don't Tell Mom Fest. I'm fronting a band called Aryawn. I'll post photos of the gig on the blog after it happens.

Miss you...

Z 3.0 said...

as opposed to land of NO toilets comp. circa 84? Looks better than a parking spot to me..............hahaha.

That's friggin right we came to complete consensus on celebrating Raygun's death!!!!! I'm just glad they pulled the cryogenic nanobotics out so we could have that wonderful shindiggler sooner than later. I still have great video from that party.

Princess Dysthemia said...

z 3.0-
I love your red red hair. It is beautiful.

I didn't get the invite til late.
would love to see you soon.

Jill said...

That party was so much fun. Def let me know about any other adventures esp. during sxsw.