Sunday, March 9, 2008

Will He Shit Bricks or Will He Yawn?

What's Bush gonna do when he hears what you've been up to?

A band was formed two-weeks ago and will perform at a gig that has been put together over the course of the past three weeks. One of the perks of living in Austin is that one can put together a 14-band show in three weeks and bands will actually swarm out of the woodwork to participate. Apologies to those who weren't able to take part due to an incredible response in such a short period of time.

The band is a performance art troupe comprised of three individuals of mixed backgrounds and was an impromptu response to the forming of the music fest. The musical range of the group is comprised of many facets of our rich American heritage: hardcore, poetry, church organs, ballet, free jazz, opera, militarism, looped samples, metronomes, accordions, fascism, the rejection of fascism, bongos, ridiculous costumes, and, of course, the pun.

The entire gig begins at 1:30 pm at a local housing cooperative in Austin, TX on the date of the 14th of March. See you there!


ArtemisAbsurdis said...

Hey Dave, Francois just sent me a link to your site. It's awesome! I'll see you soon.


ArtemisAbsurdis said...

Hey now Dave,

So, I'm lacking a USB cable for my camera. My dog Astrid, ate it. I took a lot of photos but mostly blurred.
Although, some are in Black & white and the way they blurred produced a hypnotic effect. I'm still working on how to get my pictures to my computer. When I do, I'll send you them.
advice is welcomed.
Hope your well.

breathe easy,

Z 3.0 said...

yo flave, hit me up mang. I gots lotsa music and videos to give you from my external. Whatya doing tuesnight?

b3A7n1k said...

Some of the photos posted of Aryawn on this blog fit into the hypnotic trance-like state you were referring to. Feel free to share if you ever got the hang of uploading photos from your camera to email or the web.

Hope all is well!