Monday, February 11, 2008

The First Annual Kamikaze Conniption Fest

It's been decided to combine two birthday celebrations with the annual music fest which will take place at a local co-op in the Austin metropolitan area. If you find yourself in Texas and want to attend, please drop a comment and the location will be sent to you in an email. The music fest happens this Saturday (16 February 2008) at 9 pm. Admission is free.

Bands in attendance include:

The Teeners: "A blitzkrieg of lo-fi garage punk captained by vocalist Johnny Vomitnoise, who more than lives up to his name."
Stymie: "Simple, sloppy, angry, rockin', sad, and snotty."
Naw Dude (tentative): "A hundred werewolves lost in a urine soaked church."
µm: Experimental/Noise.
The Underage Cuties: "I'll sing if I get drunk enough."
Robo Trumble: "Brother & sister freak-out-rock-and-roll duo."

Unfortunately, The Sweatshop Mops will not be able to play the event. Apologies to those who were excited at the concept of seeing this blog author in musical action. The Young will also not be able to attend as they had a band member who had a prior engagement.

The main objective of this evening is to make the foundations of the gentrified neighborhood construction sites rock and the rotting, worm-eaten corpse of Reagan roll.

Bands, please submit your bios for inclusion on the blog.


Smooch said...

bring that party all up in the bushwick of brooklyn. shithead.

farm that shit.

b3A7n1k said...

Wish you could be here, chum!

I'm trying to arrange recordings of the gig so I'll be sure to post them once they're ready!

Z 3.0 said...

oy, just spent my travel savings on an iHome after fixing the mini.......and i now have a regular real cell phone that even has a sound recorder on it. oy vey meshuggah i'm so high tech. Sad to say i will be missing the shindiggler as i was hired to dj for larry harvey, can't pass that up. However, i'm very serious in saying that i will be coming next year and bringing along a troupe to perform "unusual" covers of your fave teenage jams. Now that you're 21 are you going to start drinking booze?

b3A7n1k said...

Still need to firm up whether the recording equipment will be made available. Oh, and no one seems to have a PA, either.

Fucking 'ell.

killin_demons said...

Hey, I missed it. :(
CAll me soon.

Love you.