Monday, May 12, 2008

The Yawning Void Gapes at Us

The musical sealant to plug into the leaking dike of society.
This is the sound of Aryawn.

"Sort of like if Queen and James Chance had gotten together with Suicide and decided to perform a classical opera at Crass' house." -Stephen Canner (singer from Too Cool, Your Real Dad)

The Milk Of Human Kindness


Michel said...

Adolf enjoying a saucy game of Blind Man's Bluff

kami said...

do you think old adolf let himself listen to that 'devil jazz music'? great noize by the by... really enjoyin' it

ORO said...

Her my new african blog:

Enjoy my musical presents


Z 3.0 said...

downloaded your lp butt the service is demanding payment or to "remove from 'puter" so doesn't look like I'll be hearing it at the moment. Possible my space band page with songs posted to help with gig attainment and attendance? Awww come on, all your heroes do it. Video, Photos, sounds, etc etc

b3A7n1k said...

Michel, that pic of Hitler is amazing! Thanks to everyone for the positive response to Aryawn's post! Appreciatando for the sharing of musical gifts as well!!!!