Thursday, May 8, 2008

Play Bridge

The day grows closer. The spirit of the Enrages beckons. Lee grows one year older. A silver spoon-fed mentally handicapped chimp prepares for his last days in the Oval Office. Hart Crane pines for old Walt.

The gig mentioned in the previous post happens this weekend (10 May 2008). The locale is a favorite haunt chosen by local bands of "lesser stature." In an attempt to break free from the confines of genre-specific gigs that most venues put on in this town, it was decided to intentionally set up a gig with bands comprised of differing musical styles so as to bring a varied fan base together to enjoy a night of musical mayhem. Show starts promptly at 2 am at the pedestrian bridge closest to Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas on Saturday night (Sunday morning, if you prefer). The show is free so don't miss it!

Bands in attendance:

Whale Fall (makes The Locust sound like the Indigo Girls)- 2:00 am
Aryawn (absolutely unclassifiable music that sometimes sounds like jazz, sometimes punk, and (in a rare moment) opera fronted by a guy with a Hitler mustache)- 2:25 am
Jerry Seinfeld's Atrophied Sac (free jazz that will make all parents believe that jazz has once again become the devil's music)- 2:50 am
Naw Dude (hardcore with a neutron bong)-3:15 am

If you miss church because of this show, then store credit for Heaven (TM) will be issued to you.

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