Monday, September 24, 2007

A Soul from El Paso

Marina Monsivais was a DJ at a local radio station called KHRO in El Paso, Texas. Since she was in a city that wasn't necessarily known for its thriving music scene or diverse musical airplay, she was empowered to take certain liberties that might not necessarily have been available for her in a so-called thriving bastion of local music like that of Austin.

As time progressed, she found herself booking punk shows in El Paso, along with hosting a radio show of her own devising that reflected the music scene that existed in El Paso. In the hopes of promoting several local acts for the purpose of signing them to bigger labels, she started her own record label called Communal Heart Records. The compilation Music Is Our Blood, Blood Is Our Bond was the culmination of her efforts in achieving this heartfelt goal.

On this compilation not only will you hear bands that were the musical precursors to the groups At The Drive In (Lovetron and Nakia) and The Mars Volta (Universal Recovered) but you will also hear bands who were considered their auditory compatriots and played many gigs alongside them. This album is a decent collection of bands that represented the El Paso music scene around the time period that At The Drive In and The Mars Volta were merely a burgeoning tide that would soon wash itself across the hordes of those who identify with the hipster element that exists in Texas.

Music Is Our Blood, Blood Is Our Bond: Auditory Statements By El Paso Artists Of The Past, Present And Future


Z 3.0 said...

ten four good buddy this is rubber duckie coming to you live and direct on me tiny new g4 ibooker for all y'all i touchers out there. now i need some how to's and damn straight instrucciones regarding how to post up musics and the like. .........I mean it darn took me this long just to figger owt that me bloogers is titled that's cat after me fave tv show. thiz ole mang will , i said now, WILL get up to speed next year fo sho.

b3A7n1k said...

Are you up to speed yet?

I've linked to your blog but haven't seen much posted recently... but I suppose I'm not one that should talk.

If you have any CD mixes from any of your DJ spinster gigs, toss 'em my way and I'll post 'em if you're unable to do so at this time.

Hope all is well in your nook. Cheers!

Plasma said...

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