Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not to be Confused with the Metal Band by the Same Name...

Although this CD is out of print, a Google search will show that excerpts of this album by Diamondhead have made it onto many online radio shows. This drone outfit was started by L. Eugene (Lonnie) Methe ("The New Obama"). Hailing from Omaha & Philly, Mr Methe sought musical refuge in Austin for a time and played live gigs with the rhythm section from The Young.

"...the entire album manages to sound like they're in the process of tuning up for a real gig that probably happened after someone turned off the tape recorder." - RKF, Dead Angel

"Throbbing rhythms and loopy experimentalism trade body blows. No one wins, but it sounds really cool."- Jon Worley

'Dirty Realism'

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