Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Return of Japan Nite

Admittedly, the more recent musical excursions found at Japan Nite during SXSW have lost a lot when it comes to the raw sound that had once been unfurled on an unsuspecting populace of music convention attendees. For example, you will note more polish and cleaner recording techniques on this most recent collection of tunes by bands hailing from the warrior nation. There are even songs that appear to be musical reruns of tracks released by other bands on the previous compilations issued in celebration of this annual event. However, this collection isn't without its gems.

The high point on this compilation is the material put together by The Emeralds. The singer's voice, coupled with a rapid staccato singing style that reminds one of the sound of machine gun fire, is something to behold. You'll hear a lot of the same musical influences on this album as those in the past- funk, ska, jazz, Japanese classical music and, of course, balls out alt-rock.

Japan Nite Sound Sampler 2007


Jana said...

is this you? http://www.alivenetwork.com/images/suppliers/davidpenn_large.jpg
you're soooo dreamy

b3A7n1k said...

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Z 3.0 said...

yo japan nite is one of the best rock gigs/themes/clubs i've ever experienced anywhere. The energy, fusion of genres, and, "ahem!coughcough" topped by a sizable contingent of cute girls that are up on their markin underground sounds. I had all of the comps since I first did SXSW in 97 up till 04 then gave em to jug. I think i copied most of them and their in one of those remaining small white boxes you have. Petty Booka and Bleach of course were always consistent and my faves. Other amazing kids from the land of the rising sun were pan am, clarabell, smile like dog, tsu shi mi rae (sp?), noodles, and that band that played our party.............what were they called? They were like zeni geva and guitar wolf as crazy teenagers.

b3A7n1k said...

The band that played at our house was Electric Eel Shock. They were so fucking great. The guitarist for that band sat in at another gig that I went to the following year and they knew exactly who I was when I told them they played at my house the year before. I bought a copy of their album but I'm not so sure I have it anymore. I think I got rid of it in the last purge that I made.

Speaking of shows at HoC, I'm planning one for my birthday in January. Robotrumble is playing for sure. Check out their page on myspace. (I still refuse to link to that shit!) I wanted to get Penny Rimbaud to speak but since it's not a benefit for anything, I would feel bad for asking. I still need to contact Gil Mantera's Party Dream and see if they can do it. Not sure that'll be possible so late in the game. There's a local free jazz outfit who I'm looking at asking. They're connected to End Of An Ear (the record store). I'm also putting together a band for the party under the working name The Sweatshop Mops.

I'll try to record it and post it to the blog since you probably won't be able to make it.